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Spark Appreciation styles


You feel appreciated when your accomplishments are acknowledged with a thoughtful gift or company perk that aligns with your personal interests or goals.

Spark Appreciation styles


You know you are valued when people around you visibly show their appreciation with things like a genuine smile, high five, or a thumbs up.

Spark Appreciation styles


You feel valued at work when people are present and sincere in their conversations. Meaningful connections show you that you are appreciated.

Spark Appreciation styles


You’re someone who loves words of appreciation in the workplace; specific and genuine praise means a lot to you when people see you making a difference.

Spark Appreciation styles


You value working in a culture where colleagues are willing to lend a helping hand and pull together as a team; this provides a sense of belonging.

Spark Appreciation styles


You are a natural-born leader and know you are valued when you are trusted with increased responsibilities and visibility within the organization.

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