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Engage and empower your managers to drive personalized conversations, recognition, and engagement with each team member.

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All In One, Personalized Workplace Solution

Our personalized approach integrates into your existing workflows so you can easily access the right tools and insights to elevate your culture and boost results.

All-In-One Platform

Manage all your recognition programs and reward budget in one place.


Reinforce Success Behaviors that align with your mission, values, and goals.


Filter reports by different work-place demographics to personalize your strategies.


Stay connected with real-time tips, recommendations, and identify at-risk employees.


Get immediate insights with pulse surveys and a customized suggestion box.


Include our statistically valid survey to shape and measure engagement.

What would an increase in employee engagement look like for you?

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Connect Your Workplace

Elevate workplace connections and drive organizational success through social recognition that aligns with your mission, goals, and values. Foster a culture of gratitude where every individual can engage and receive acknowledgment for their contributions that shape your definition of achievement.

Increase Your Results

Enhance employee engagement and productivity by discovering their internal drivers and understanding their sense of value. Stay on top of important milestones with instant notifications and personalized coaching tips for a unique and memorable recognition and reward experience at the click of a button.

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Equip Your Managers

Help your managers save precious time by effortlessly overseeing and analyzing engagement and recognition efforts. Utilize Sparck notifications to pinpoint at-risk employees and ensure that top performers are always acknowledged, fostering a connected and flourishing team dynamic.

Monitor & Measure Progress

Empower your employees with a confidential platform to provide valuable insights that drive engagement, boost retention, and track progress effectively. Utilize our pulse surveys, suggestion box, and research-backed #BeHeard Engagement Survey to gather feedback in fun ways. 

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Increase User Adoption (Meet Sparcky!)

Meet Sparcky, the ultimate employee engagement coach! Sparcky keeps your employees engaged and equipped with important notifications and tips to bring your unique culture to life. Best of all, employees will get to meet him within the channels they know and love – like Slack, MS Teams, and text messaging.

A Software Solution Designed for People

Our solution has the essential tools, but more than that, it empowers managers to deliver personalized human experiences based on research-backed recognition practices to ignite your unique culture and strengthen results - this is our secret sauce! 

Real-time alerts; we won’t let you miss the important recognition moments.

People feel appreciated differently; we uncover what that is for each employee. 

One size doesn’t fit all; we personalize each reward based on hobbies, interests, and goals. 

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Listen to a Culture Expert's Experience...

We are firm believers in bringing personalized experiences to the workplace to strengthen cultures, performance, and employee wellbeing. We are eager to spread its impact worldwide.


Meet Robert Richman, former Culture Strategist at Zappos and the author of Culture BluePrint, he was "Sparcked" and not only became a believer but a valued Advisor...we are so grateful for him! ❤️


Jennifer Hureaux, HR Manager at Teledyne Technologies

Sparck’s personalized approach to recognition is what drew us to their solution. Each of our employees is unique and a one-size-fits-all approach was not conducive to retaining the diverse workplace we are leading today. The power of Sparck is that it allows you to engage on an individual basis while achieving your larger purpose.

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