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A Modern Approach for People First Cultures

In partnership with Integral Talent Systems Inc., Sparck is able to measure how passionate your employees feel about their jobs and the organization. 

We will unlock the answers to the other key engagement drivers that drive bottom line results. Your personalized report will reveal your strengths and identify the action areas that will get the greatest return on your investment.

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Do your employees believe in the mission, values, and goals of the organization?




Do your employees have the tools to personally and professionally grow?



What’s the likelihood your employees will leave within the next 12+ months?



How appreciated do your employees feel?




Are the right people in the right roles?




Are employees effectively collaborating?

Easy to Understand Dashboard

Take the guesswork out of your survey data with immediate results in our intuitive dashboard to quickly identify your engagement strengths and opportunities.

BeHeard Dashboard
BeHeard - Survey

An Effective and Engaging Survey

A fun and easy survey experience with regular reminders will optimize employee participation to get the actionable insights you need with our research-proven questions. Add customized questions to gather confidential feedback about your unique workplace.

An Effective and Engaging Survey

Interactive and Fast Reporting

Access real-time results in our user-friendly report to quickly identify your action plan. Pinpoint high levels of disengagement with our workplace filters. Uncover how to increase retention and productivity with unlimited personalized action plans.

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Our Free Report will give your employees a confidential voice and equip you with your Engagement Score, eNPS Score, and Effectiveness Scores within the 5 key engagement drivers, Turnover Forecast, and results from your custom questions.

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Premium Report

Upgrade to the Premium Report
Our Premium Report will give you a more strategic look at your #BeHeard Engagement Results by providing personalized recommendations and workplace demographic insights. With our dual scale rating system, we can pinpoint where you should spend your time to increase engagement within every area of your organization.


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Designed for the Modern Workplace

Survey Benefits

Survey Benefits

Employee Confidentiality

Automated Reminders

Available in 15 Languages

Add Custom Questions

Survey Features

Survey Features

Mobile Friendly

10-Minute Survey

Five Star Rating Scale

Benchmark Data

Survey Validation

Survey Validation

Helping Employers Since 1997

Based on 10+ Years of Research

93% Statistical Reliability Score 

Created by I/O Psychologist


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