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If you are passionate about helping your clients achieve higher levels of employee engagement, productivity and retention then you’ve come to the right place. Elevate your conversations and expand your toolkit to equip your clients with the resources they need to achieve their business goals.

We value our partnerships and are committed to helping you succeed as we navigate the diverse dynamics of today’s workplace. Employers need our support; let’s work together to make them successful!

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Strengthen Your Client Relationships

Become a Sparck Referral Partner

Complement your existing solutions to expand the conversation and provide a comprehensive approach to help your clients achieve their employee engagement goals. It’s an easy way to add immediate value. 

Join the Sparck family and be rewarded when the clients you refer invest in our Premium #BeHeard Report or the #BeSeen Personalized Recognition Platform. 

Partnership Includes:

  • Complementary resources to help companies increase employee engagement.
    • Free #BeHeard Report - Uncover how committed their employees are and potential turnover with our statistically valid engagement survey.
    • ROI Analysis - A quick and easy way to calculate how much disengagement is impacting their bottom line.
  • Partnership Toolkit to easily access Sparck solutions and resources in one place.
  • Designated Sparck contact to ensure a long and successful partnership.
  • Personalized referral page to share and track your referrals and compensation.
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Level 2

Expand Your Client Solutions

Become a Sparck Champion 

Go beyond a referral partnership and expand your company toolkit to help your clients get a personalized action plan to boost employee engagement with our #BeHeard Survey.  Learn how our team helps companies leverage our statistically valid survey to optimize employee participation and take action with the results to get the greatest return on investment.

This certification will equip you to easily incorporate our #BeHeard Success Series into your client offerings and elevate your impact on their business outcomes. 

#BeHeard Certification Coming in 2022:

  • 12-hour training on the #BeHeard Survey and the #BeHeard Success Series (Part I and Part II). Learn more about the Success Series HERE!
  • Lifetime access to your Champion Toolkit with the resources and solution details you need to easily add it to your client offerings.
  • Commission on the #BeHeard Premium Report (referrals and current clients).
  • Approved to offer the #BeHeard Survey and facilitate the #BeHeard Success Series (prices set by you).
  • Eligible for #BeHeard Success Series referrals from the Sparck team. 

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Hear from our Partners

"I am deeply passionate and committed to developing more conscious organizations that are led with greater presence and intention. Having the right partners and resources is essential when I work with leaders and organizations who value reflection, improvement, connection, and community. The #BeHeard Survey is a great addition to my tool kit. It provides a strategic look at the organization through the eyes of the employees. It allows for their voices to not only be heard, but packaged in a way that makes taking action easy, focused, and impactful. No more sorting through hundreds of pages to find one nugget. The nuggets shine brightly! I will continue to work with Sparck and can't recommend them enough as a strategic partner!" Renee Dineen, President / TEDx Speaker at RMD Coaching & Consulting
"Working with the Sparck team was a great experience for me and my client. They are top-notch professionals and made it super easy to launch their survey tool. My client was looking to improve their company culture and grow their business through their employees. I told them the best way to gain insight into how employees feel about their company is to conduct an employee survey. Sparck’s employee engagement survey was spot on! It gave my client the insights they needed about what was important to their employees and about the areas they needed to improve. As a business owner, you have to be comfortable looking in the mirror to see where you can get better. Sparck’s engagement survey gives you the clarity you need to reach your long-term business goals." Glen Drouin, President of Harbor HR

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