Rewards as Unique as Your Employees

Maximize your Investment. Maximize your Impact.

Add a Human Touch to Your Culture 

Each employee is motivated differently. Our gifting AI-Engine will assist you in choosing the perfect rewards to craft unforgettable experiences to show each employees you care. With millions of options, we have something for everyone!

How It Works 

  1. Select the Recipient, customize your message with gifs, cards, or upload a video or photo.
  2.  Easily choose the ideal gift within a specific budget set by your Sparck Administrator.
  3. Recipient receives your personalized message and has the opportunity to unveil their reward by opening a virtual gift box.

Tailored Recipient Journey:

Choose to claim the Gift OR Save the Reward Dollars for something else. There are millions of options at their fingertips. 


"Sparck" more smiles in your workplace!

Rewards for Every Unique Individual

AI-Personalized Reward Store

The first AI-personalized reward store that enhances the user experience and boosts engagement by 70%. Your unique storefront will feature top brands your employees love. Easily browse through wide-ranging categories of rewards to find the exact size, color or feature options that will excite any employee.

reward store 1
reward store 2

Millions of Rewards

Offer unique products to meet the unique needs of each employee. Thousands of Top Products and Gift Cards from leading brands like Apple, FitBit, Bose and more. Fun Experiences including flights, car rentals, event tickets, excursions and guided tours. For those who want to give back, employees can donate to over 2 million different causes around the globe.

An Effective and Engaging Survey

Brand Your Rewards

Bring your culture to life with branded merchandise on 1,000's of products employees want. There are no monthly minimum orders required, we scale with you as you need. We offer pop-up stores for short-term promotional events, and offer bulk reward options to welcome new employees, celebrate birthdays, and more. The options are limitless, customized to meet your needs and make your employees smile.

One-time Implementation Fee

reward store 3

Take Personalization to the Next Level

Open the door to a limitless array of recognition and reward opportunities to customize the employee experience. Equip your managers with valuable insights to uncover how each team member genuinely feels valued and yearns for acknowledgment in a manner that will inspire them the most. The perfect compliment your new reward store!


Secure Your Spot

Special Offer: $3,499   $999.00 for our Concierge onboarding                      

Secure your spot today with a one-time investment of $999.00 for our personalized concierge onboarding experience and enjoy complimentary access to your new reward store.

Reward Store Includes

  • Unlimited Recognition & Rewards Program Management
  • Establish budget limits for programs and employees
  • Employee Reward Banks (a digital treasure trove for saving up their reward dollars for their ultimate desires).
  • All prices cover the cost of shipping and handling for any physical rewards, delivered straight to your employees' doorsteps.
  • AI-Powered store guiding employees towards gifts that will bring them the most joy
  • Simple reward budget management and deposits on the platform using ACH or Credit cards.

Eco-Action with our AI-Store

Every reward funds the planting of new native trees around the world with Eden Reforestation Projects.

100M trees a year by the end of 2023, removing 4.8bn Ibs. of CO2 from the atmosphere every year.

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