Ignite A Culture Of Appreciation

Enable your team leaders to forge connections, guide, and motivate their team to achieve peak performance, no matter their location.

Transform Good Managers into Great Leaders

Equip managers to elevate their leadership skills and create an insightful team experience that will be meaningful for everyone with our personalized Appreciation toolkit. It has everything needed to inspire amazing results by celebrating and uncovering the individuality of each team member and the collective strength of the team!

Fast and Easy Quiz

In 60-seconds team members can easily uncover their unique Sparck Appreciation Style(s) in a fun and safe way to share with their manager and team.

Team Workbook

This intuitive excel workbook is the ultimate manager guide to gain actionable appreciation insights that reinforce EI skills to lead a high-performing team.

Team Experience

In just one hour, use our personalized toolkit to strengthen team bonds by uncovering what makes each person unique and the drivers that inspire your people.

Get Started! 

this Appreciation Toolkit is Designed for teams of up to 12 individuals. 

Whether you prefer taking the DIY route or want the expertise of a Sparck facilitator to guide your team through a fun and engaging session - rest assured, we have everything you need!

Sparck Appreciation Toolkit  image

Sparck Appreciation Toolkit


Our intuitive toolkit has everything you need to facilitate a fun and interactive appreciation experience to inspire future team performance. Our internal mascot, Sparcky the dog, will walk you through each step in the workbook so you won't miss a beat!

Team Appreciation Experience image

Team Appreciation Experience


Take your team experience to the next level with a certified Sparck facilitate to lead an interactive team appreciation experience that will generate actionable insights, and includes one private coaching session for the team leader.

How It Works

Whether you're leading the way yourself or teaming up with Sparck, you'll have the tools you need to craft an engaging team-building experience. In 3 Easy Steps our customized toolkit guides you through each activity, offering team discussion prompts and quick resources.

And here's the best part - you'll find everything you need on just ONE PAGE. It's a one-stop shop to simplify the process like never before, you never seen anything like it! 

ed facilitator if you want)! 

Sparck Appreciation Assessment

STEP ONE:  Each person will take the 60-second assessment to uncover their unique appreciation style(s) and share their results with the team.

Team Appreciation Brainstorm

STEP TWO:  The team will create appreciation ideas that would be meaningful for them (ex. mentorship time, volunteering opportunities, etc.)

Individual Appreciation Grid

STEP THREE:  Each team member will access their personalized appreciation grid to select the appreciation ideas that will make them feel most valued.

Team Results Generate in Real-Time

Access immediate outcomes that ignite thought-provoking conversations, reveal enlightening revelations, and cultivate a fresh admiration for the distinct attributes of every team member.

Master the Art of Appreciation

Personalized Insights Every People Manager Needs 

The Sparck Appreciation Toolkit Includes:

  • The key drivers of motivation for your team.
  • Personalized ways to show appreciation for each individual team member
  • Team Resources and Facilitation Guide
  • An experience to build stronger connections with your team, no matter their location.
  • A dynamic tool for managers to adapt alongside their team and welcome new members on the journey of inspired growth.

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What People Are Saying

Wow, This Is Amazing!

After uncovering how my team members felt appreciated at work, it completely changed my approach and understanding of what drives them. It's been a game-changer for me, a must-have for people managers...We work in all different locations so it's been tough. 

- Fortune 100 Company

Awesome Experience! 

I woke up on Saturday morning feeling more energized than normal. I realized I had been "sparcked". My manager learned that I was a "Tell Me" appreciation style and our one-on-one was so empowering. This slight change in his leadership style has reinvigorated my commitment and excitement for the organization! 

- National Technology Company

Incredible Insights! 

It's difficult for me to communicate how I feel appreciated and this assessment has helped me bridge the gap with my manager. I feel so much more understood. I'm actually sharing the free quiz with my family members.

- Best Place to Work Employer

A Human Approach to Ignite Workplace Possibilities

If you're not quite prepared for this transformative experience, we offer a complimentary team-building exercise to help you delve deeper into Appreciation Styles. The results you see there will set the stage for taking your journey to the next level!