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2019 Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies

The #BeHeard Engagement Survey was an effective and actionable tool that gave us greater insight into our company culture. The report helped us break down where to invest our time and resources to get the greatest ROI while identifying our biggest strengths. It goes beyond just an engagement score, it gave our employees a confidential voice so we could really focus on their feedback to elevate their employee experience, increase productivity, and retain our top talent. I highly recommend Sparck!


2019 Best Place to Work Employer

At FlexCare, our company culture is really important to us because our employees are the heart of our operation. As we began to scale, Sparck's #BeHeard Survey helped us align our priorities based on our organizational effectiveness and what was most important to our employees. We were able to outline a company-wide strategy and break down the results by locations/departments while keeping employee confidentiality. This served as a great coaching tool for our managers by giving them better insight into how to lead and retain a more productive and engaged team. I highly recommend this survey. It was an easy process with actionable insights!


Our team partnered with Sparck to take the #BeHeard Engagement Survey to help give us a clear picture of our company culture. We know that this is one of the most competitive aspects to drive innovation in today's marketplace and it helped us cut through the noise. It was a transparent and engaging process for our team to work together to shape a more effective workplace experience by letting our employees' voices be heard. Sparck made it easy, and didn't just share the results but provided customized recommendations to put our plan into action. I highly recommend Sparck!


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